The tomato is a glossy red vegetable. It is a smooth round juicy vegetable. It grows in almost any soil. There are more than 4,000 varieties of tomatoes. The tomato is eaten raw or cooked and is generally served in salads and other dishes.

Botanists classify tomatoes as fruits. However, most people consider tomatoes vegetables because fresh tomatoes are used in much the same way as lettuces, onions, cauliflowers and many other vegetables.


The potato is the world's widely grown root vegetable and one of the most important foods. It has a high nutritional value. The potato consists of about 80 per cent water and 20 pe cent solid matter. Starch makes up about 85 per cent of the solid matter. Potatoes are prepared in various ways – baked, boiled, fried and mashed. There are about 150 varieties of potatoes.

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato is a vegetable with large fleshy edible roots. It is grown throughout the world. It contains high amounts of carbohydrates and vitamins A and C. Sweet potatoes can be boiled, baked or roasted. The young vine tips also can be eaten. They vary in shape, skin color and flesh color.


The Onion is a vegetable that has a strong flavor. It is used chiefly as a seasoning and is eaten raw, cooked, dehydrated and pickled. When cut, raw onions give off a vapour that causes people's eyes to water. Onions come in many colors and varieties. Raw onion is eaten in salad and in vinegar for sour taste.


The garlic is an onion-like plant with strong taste and smell. It is used to season foods. The garlic bulb is made up of parts called cloves. These cloves are eaten. The garlic is a wonder drug for countless ailments.


The ginger is a tropical plant that is important for the spice obtained from its roots. This plant is grown throughout tropical Asia, Japan, the West Indies, South America and West Africa. The finest ginger comes from India and Jamaica. The ginger is used to flavor vegetable dishes and meat. There are many varieties of gingers.


The radish is a plant grown for its fleshy root. The roots, which are also called radishes, are crisp and sharp-tasting. Radishes are eaten raw in salads or as an appetizer. Their colours include white, red, yellow, Pink, purple, black and a combination of red and white. Radishes come in several varieties.

Horse Raddish Round Black Spanish Radish


The carrot is a plant with an orange and red root that is eaten as a vegetable. It is a popular nutritious vegetable grown throughout the world. It is rich in sugar and contains much iron. It is eaten raw in salads. Carrots come in several varieties. Carrots are rich in vitamin A and their juice is very popular in winter.


Parsnips are the hearty nutritious root vegetables. The Romans cooked them to make broths and stews and they were used as the main starchy vegetables. Now-a-days, parsnips are widely used to make warming winter soups and stews. They are related to carrots and have a distinct sweet but earthy flavor.


The cauliflower is a garden vegetable. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. The white curd (head) of the cauliflower is the part that is eaten. The curd consists of thick clustered white flower-buds. White and occasionally purple cauliflowers are available in the shops. Dwarf varieties of cauliflowers are now also commonly available.


The broccoli is a nutritious garden vegetable closely related to the cauliflower. The edible parts of the plant are its stems and thick clusters of green flower-buds. The heads of the broccoli are green. They are more branched and open than the tight round white heads of the cauliflower.

Roman Cauliflower

Roman Cauliflower is light green coloured and has attractive multiple pointed heads with incredible spirals that form amazing shapes. It has a tightly compact head florets, attached by clusters of stalks which rise in a pyramid of similar pointed cones. Its flavor is somewhat more delicate than that of regular cauliflower.


The cabbage is a vegetable with leaves that grow close together to form a hard round head. It is a nutritious vegetable. There are six varieties of the cabbage, 1. Green cabbage are dark green, loose leafed and have a slightly pointed head 2. Savoy cabbage with crimped and curly leaves 3. Spring greens has fresh loose heads with a pale yellow-green heart 4. Red cabbage has smooth, firm leaves 5. Chinese cabbage has pale green crinkly leave with long, wide white ribs 6. Bok choy the stalks are pale, and range from light green to ivory-white, and the glossy leaves. The cabbages reduces obesity and anaemia. These are good cleanser of blood and beneficial to the teeth, gums and bones also.
Green Cabbage
Pak choi
Spring Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Chinese Cabbage


The spinach is a popular garden leafy vegetable. It is a low-growing annual plant that produces a thick cluster of wide thick fleshy leaves. People eat these leaves raw or cooked. The spinach is easy to grow. It grows best in a fertile sandy loam. It is an excellent source of vitamins A and C. It is high in minerals.

Mustard leaves

Mustard leaves belong to the family of seasonal leafy plants. They are green, nutritious. They are delicious like spinach. They are cooked and widely eaten to provide carbohydrates, protein, iron and vitamins A and C. Its seeds provide vegetable oil and are used to make delicious sauce.


The lettuce is a popular vegetable used chiefly in salads. People usually eat it cooked. It contains few calories and provides calcium, iron and vitamin A. Most kinds of lettuces have larger green leaves. There are many kinds of lettuces: Butter head, Curly endive, Cos, Chinese, Endive and cabbage lettuce.
Chinese Lettuce
Endive Lettuce
Butterhead Lettuce
Cos Lettuce
Cabbage Lettuce

There are many varieties of salad greens. The following are just some that are available:


(Sometimes called rocket)

Peppery and slightly bitter. A member of the mustard family. Longer arugula leaves tend to have a stronger taste. Holds up well to bold dressings and tastes great with Parmesan cheese. You can also make pesto from arugula leaves.

Bib lettuce

Small, curly, delicate leaves and a sweet, mild flavor. Considered a delicacy among lettuce and can be pricey to purchase.

Curly endive

Pale green and yellow with a slightly bitter taste. This lettuce is very curly and jagged-looking and is often used combined with other lettuce as filler with a fun look.


The typically rounded, red leaves have a slightly bitter taste. Looks similar to cabbage. Great combined with other salad greens.


Deep green, tender, slightly rounded leaves. You might only be familiar with cooked spinach, but it makes a great cold salad. Can easily be mixed with other greens or kept on its own.

Belgian endive

Slightly bitter to taste. When purchasing, look for compact heads with white or yellow leaves. The shape of their leaves (long and like a scoop) make them good for holding ingredients like a chicken or tuna salad mixture.

Boston lettuce

(sometimes called butter lettuce)
Tender, pale green leaves with a compact head and delicate flavor. Great for salads with light dressings.


A traditional salad green with a light color and crispness to it. Low in nutritional value and even flavor.


Similar to iceberg lettuce but a bit darker in color. Mild flavor with long leaves. Typically used in Caesar salads and good with all types of dressings. Romaine lettuce has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years.

Spring mix

Originally known as mesclun. A mixture of young, tender salad greens with different colors and flavors. Often found in bagged mixtures in grocery stores. Sometimes bitter or peppery to taste, depending on which varieties are added to it.


Mint is one of the oldest and most popular herbs, grown around the world. It has pointed serrated green leaves with a fresh familiar flavor. There are many different varieties of mint with different flavor and aroma. It is used as a flavouring item in different dishes, stuffings, salads and spices. It is added to soups, curries and curd.


Sage is a herb which has a very potent and powerful aroma. Its flavor is musky and its little use goes a long way. It is commonly used for flavouring sausages and in stuffings for meats. It is a favourite, holy herb in Italy. Sage, a member of the mint family, has 750 varieties.


Coriander belongs to the family of leafy plants but their flavor is completely different. Coriander leaves have an unmistakably piquant taste and an intense aroma. Its chopped raw leaves are extensively used to give a delicious taste and fresh pungency in curries, vegetables and in many spicy dishes.


Sage is a herb which has a very potent and powerful aroma.

Basil is a delicate herb which is widely used in Italian and Thai cooking.

Coriander leaves are extensively used to give a delicious taste and fresh pungency in curries.

Rosemary is a herb which has a wonderfully fragrant aroma and flavor.

Lemon balm has its distinctive lemon fragrance and flavor.

Oregano is famous for its use in pizza. It is also used in a number of tomato and meat dishes.

Parsley is a herb that adds a pleasant fresh flavor to sauces and stuffings.

Chive belong to the onion family.

Chervils are used in salads and it is often added to egg dishes.

Thyme is a herb which has a wonderfully aromatic smell.


The pea is ant grown chiefly for its round edible seeds. These seeds are also called peas. These seeds grow in pods. Cooked peas are a popular food. Peas are a good source of proteins and vitamins A and C. There are two main kinds of peas: snow peas and garden peas.

Snow peas have the distinct fresh flavor of raw peas and are plumper and have more 'snap' than mangetouts. The are delicious added raw to salads. They are also good steamed or boiled but should only be cooked for about one minute or they will lose their wonderful flavor and texture.

Green chickpeas

Green chick peas are hugely popular in vegetarian cooking. They are tastefully eaten in their raw as well as sprouted forms. They are also taken in salads and desirable curries. They are very nutritious and delicious.


Green chick peas are hugely popular in vegetarian cooking. They are tastefully eaten in their raw as well as sprouted forms. They are also taken in salads and desirable curries. They are very nutritious and delicious.


Chillies are long slender hot-tasting fresh green or red pods. These are used as a seasoning and in spicy curries. These are often ground into powder and are used to give a hot flavor to sauce, vegetables, spicy food etc. Chillies come in several varieties.


Peppers belong to the family of capsicum and chillies. But peppers are not so hot as chillies. Peppers have many varieties like sweet peppers, bell pepper and bull nose peppers. They have a variety of colours - green, red and yellow.


Capsium is a type of vegetable which is hollow from inside. It is eaten in salads and in roasted dishes. It is eaten in salads and in roasted dishes. It gives a low spicy flavor. It is available in many colours-mainly green, red and yellow, purple and orange. It is rich in vitamins C.


The pumpkin is a vegetable related to the squash. It has a hard outer shell. It has a coarse stringy pulp. It is round or oval. Pumpkins are mostly orange but many are white and yellow also. Pumpkins are mostly orange but many are white and yellow also. Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A and potassium. Pumpkins grow on vines. It has an importance in Halloween Festival in North America.


These have trailing stems or are bushy. They have large cylindrical or round fruits with skin of varying colours (green, cream or yellow) and greenish-white, rarely yellow, flesh. Vegetable marrow can be eaten as a boiled vegetable on its own or stuffed with ingredients such as meat, onion and tomatoes.


The squash is a nutritious vegetable that grows on bushes and vines. It is a gourd-shaped vegetable. It is closely related to the pumpkin. There are more than 40 kinds of squashes, which differ in colours, shapes and tastes.


Courgette is the vegetable which belongs to the family of the squashes. But unlike the squashes, it is quick and easy to cook. It is more versatile and is avaliable all year round. Courgette is basically immature marrow. It has a deep green skin with firm pale flesh and delicious taste.


Zucchini is the delicately flavoured vegetable which belongs to the family of the squashes or courgette. Zucchini means 'zucca' – an Italian word for 'gourd'. It has deep green or yellow skin and firm pale flesh. It has a delicious taste.


The gourd is a soft-skinned fleshy vegetable which is closely related to the squash and the pumpkin. It has a bottle-shapped appearance anad it can grow to an enormous size in the tropical areas. It is widely used as a suitbale dish and juice to be taken by the aged or the patients alike.

Bitter melon

The bitter melon is bitter in taste. It is an excellent appetizer. It has the property to cure cough, fever and blood impu rities. It contains about 92% water. A glass of bitter-melon juice take on an empty stomach is most beneficial to health. It eliminates worms thriving in the intestines. It purifies blood. It is advantageously effective in case of diabetes.

Pear Gourd

Pear gourd is a cucumber-like vegetable. It is found in abundance in Eastern India. There are varieties of pear gourds. It is a nutritious vegetables. Its dish is benificial to the heart. It is also helpful in the treatment of skin-disease.


The kohlrabi is a garden vegetable that is grown for its large edible stem. The top of the stem is shaped like a bulb and grows just above the ground. The flesh inside this bulb is often eaten raw in salads. The kohlrabi is closely related to the cabbage. Most varieties of kohlrabi are light green, though some are purple.


The vegetable fennel is closely related to the herb and spice of the same name. It is called variously Florence fennel, sweet fennel or Italian fennel. Like the herb, Florence fennel has the distinct flavor of anise which goes particularly well with fish. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It is of the size of a large apple.


The cucumber is a common garden vegetable native to southern Asia. It grows on vines and is available throughout the world. It is eaten raw. It is a pulpy vegetable. It contains many seeds. It is covered by a thin smooth or prickly skin. The raw cucumber is eaten in salads and sandwiches. It grows best in warm weather.

Salad Gourd

The salad gourd is a summer vegetable. It is found in abundance in South Asia. It is nearly one foot long. It is eaten raw in salads. It is a cool and digestive vegetable.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts and cabbage are the closely related vegetables. But the Brussels sprouts have a sweet and nutty flavor. They are traditionally served at the Christmas with chestnuts. They have an affinity with certain nuts, such as almonds and chestnuts. Brussels sprouts taste good with onions and ginger or with nuts.


Lentil sprouts are the little offshoots from the various lentil-grains. These sprouts are thin white shoots. They have a slightly raw crispy taste. These sprouts are a very rich source of proteins and vitamins. It is eaten uncooked as an appetizer.


The artichoke is a large thistle-like plant that produces edible flower-buds. The scales and hearts (centres) of the buds are eaten as vegetables and the hearts are often canned or frozen. Artichokes are sometimes called globe artichokes. Jerusalem artichokes are small knobbly tubers which are found in central United States and Canada. They are related to the sunflower and have nothing to do with Jerusalem. They are similar to ginger in appearance. They are at their best during winter and early spring.


The asparagus is a nutritious green vegetable. People eat the stems of the asparagus plant. It is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. There are two varieties of asparagus-white and green. Green asparagus is one of the most delicious vegetables, being lightly cooked and served with butter and white sauce. Its soup is very tasty.

Red Beetroot

The beetroot is a plant grown for food. The ball shaped roots of a variety, called red beetroot, are cooked as a vegetable. The red beetroot is a low calorie, low-carbohydrate vegetable containing iron and calcium. Beetroot leaves from young plants are an excellent source of calcium, iron and vitamin A. Red Beetroot is used in salads all over the world.


The turnip is a vegetable grown for its fleshy root and green leaves. Most turnip roots are globe-shaped. Their smooth firm flesh may by white or light yellow. Turnips consist of about 90 per cent water. The roots are a good source of vitamin C and leaves are rich in iron and vitamin A. Turnips come in several varieties.


The celery is a popular vegetable related to the carrot and the parsley. It is eaten raw in salads. It is also used in soup. It requires a long growing season and moist fertile soil. It grows best in cool weather. It is very much an Italian vegetable. There are several varieties of celery.


The leek is a vegetable related to the onion. It has a slender white bulb at the base of its leaves. The slender white bulb is the edible part of the vegetable. It has a mild onion-like flavor. It is eaten raw or it is cooked or used as a seasoning for other foods.

Lotus Root

The Lotus root is a herbal vegetable. It is used in preparing a variety of dishes. Lotus-root has a mild sweet flavor. Its tender root is chopped into pieces and cooked to make a tasty dish. It is very rich in protein and vitamins.


Tamarind is sour in taste. It is a popular spice which is used in many dishes to make them more delicious. It is one of the main ingredients in many sauces.

Corn (Maize)

The corn is a food grain plant which grows in plenty in the tropical countries like Mexico. It is also called Indian corn. The kernels, i.e the corn-grains or seeds can simply be cooked and eaten. Corn is related to wheat, rice, oats and barley. There are several varieties of corn. There is one variety which is deeply black when dry. Baby corn is also widely eaten nowadays. Its baked grain is called 'pop corn' which is one of the most popular snacks. It is tastefully eaten in its raw as well as boiled form. It is also served as a spicy dish.


The mushroom is a fleshy umbrella-shaped fungus of which some kind can be eaten. It is found in many areas where green plants grow. It grows in woody and grassy areas. There are about 3,300 varieties of mushrooms throughout the world. Most mushrooms are white, yellow, orange, red or brown. Some ae blue, violet, green or black. Many varieties of mushrooms are tasty and safe to eat.


The Yam is a tropical plant. It grows in tropical regions such as West Africa, the Caribbean and South Pacific. There are hundreds of different kinds of yams. The yam itself is the swollen stem of the plant, a little like a large potato. It is a source of starch and can be eaten when cooked. It has a glassy flesh. Yams are also used to provide valuable medicines.


The taro is a short thick underground stem. The main function of the taro is food storage. During the growing season, the taro stores food made by the leaves of the plant. At the end of the growing season, the aboveground parts of the plant usually die but the taro stays alive. It is eaten as cooked dish or as pickle.

Eggplant (Brinjal)

The eggplant is a large white purple egg-shaped vegetable. It is also called an aubergine. It is hifh in potassium, sulphur and chlorine. It grows only in warm weather and takes 115-120 days to ripen. It comes in several varieties.

Okra (Lady's finger)

Okra seed-pods are finger-shaped. That is why they are also called ladies fingers. These seedpods are eaten as a vegetable and used to thicken soup and stew. The seed-pods are rich in sulphur, chlorine and vitamin C. If okra pods are boiled for about 15 minutes and then strained and taken about 50 gm each time, this will be good for urinary organs.


The lemon is a small oval citrus fruit/vegetable. It has a yellow skin. It has a pleasing scent and most varieties have a sour taste. It is rich in vitamin C. It has a nipple-like bulge at one end. The interior of the fruit consists of 8 to 10 segments which contain the pulp, juice and seeds. Lemon has its vast popularity because it is being used in preparing lemonades, cold drinks and lemon tea for freshness.

Snack Gourd

Snake gourd consist of important amount of humidity and little protein, fiber, fat and carbohydrate .Its mineral andvitamins contents are calcium, iron, phosphorus, substantial amount of carotene, little thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.


Arum include Improve Digestion, and Fight Off Symptoms of Stress and are non-FDA reviewed or approved, natural alternatives, to use for Heart Disease, and Weakened Immune System. Health Benefits Of Arum products are reviewed below.


It provides all kind of nutritional benefits and also cures many ailments. Drumstick from its stems, leaves and seeds are known to have medicinal properties. It is good for Fights cold and flu for strong bones good for pregnant women, Avoids infection, cures from stomach ailments.


Fenugreek provides around 50 calories of energy for 100 gram of its intake. It provides carbohydrates, dietary fibre, fats and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous.

Black-eye bean

In America, these beans are often called black-eyed peas or cow peas. They each have a little black dot on the side - this is where they were once attached to their pod, so it's a bit like a belly button! You can mix them with all sorts of other beans to make a super salad.

Broad bean

Another name for this bean is the 'Fava bean'. Broad beans grow in a green, leathery pod. The beans can be eaten fresh, when they are green, or dried, when they have turned brown. The way to identify them is by their flat, broad shape. Beans are a good source of protein and fibre.

Haricot bean

These little beans are white and grow all over the world. Baking them gives you baked beans - the beans are cooked in a tomato sauce. Try them on toast for breakfast. Beans are good for giving you energy.

Vine leaf

This is a leaf from the vines that grapes grow on - and these leaves CAN be eaten! They are picked when they are quite young and then cooked slightly to soften them. They are used like a wrapping paper to make little parcels filled with things such as rice or finely chopped vegetables.

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